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Dear Boss is a Fortean chronicle of the Jack the Ripper Murders of 1888,, performed by three actors and a rabble of multi-sized puppets. It is a fantastical murder mystery and a romantic horror story, which tells of an investigation by Charles Fort, the Prophet of the Unexplained, his assistant, The Elephant Man, Mary Kelly, the final Ripper Victim and her lover, an unemployed fish porter named Joseph Barnett. Culled from historical fact, Fortís dark journey brings Lewis Carrol, William Gull, HP Blavatsky, and an endless procession of Ripper suspects together under the same fish-spattered umbrella.

Dear Boss is written by Eric Woolfe, directed by Michael Waller, and designed by Joanne Dente.


Great Lord! Say more!

Where can I see this Masterpiece of the Macabre?