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See the rotting dead revived! Gasp at virgins defiled! Shudder at the gleeful dismemberment of the innocent! Our hideous barker displays four eldritch exhibits of jocund terror and ghoulish delight! Timid patrons beware!  

Sideshow of the Damned has returned to haunt your nightmares again, just in time for Halloween!  It is composed of four hysterical and terrifying vignettes of horror and blood-sopped trepidation, and narrated by an evil Circus Barker loosed from the deepest bauge of Hell. It is written by Eric Woolfe, and directed by Michael Waller, the team behind this summerís critically acclaimed Grendelmaus

Sideshow of the Damned was nominated for a Canadian Comedy award for best play, named one of Eye Magazineís ten best plays of 2001, and rated NNNNN by NOW magazine in itís original incarnation at Summerworks 2001.

  This time around, the cast of this abominable amusement is formed of Richard Alan Campbell, Rebecca Northan, Jason Charters, scream queen Kimwun Perehinec and the Rancid Steve Ross as the malevolent Barker. This creepy cabal has formed to bring Sideshow to the Tim Sims Playhouse for the coming Halloween season and promises to disgust and delight audiences with its grizzly brand of theatrics, which Classical 93.6 FM calls, an over-the-top, graphic hoot!

See the most hideous spectacle ever beheld!

October 17th Ė November 9th, 2002!

Thursdays & Fridays at 8:30 pm & 10:30 pm!

Saturdays at 10:30 pm only!

At the terrifying Tim Sims Playhouse

56 Bluejays Way

Box office: 416-343-0011

All tickets $15!

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