Eldritch Theatre Presents

The Strange & Eerie Memoirs


Billy Wuthergloom


(A Suburban-Gothic Horror Melodrama about Puberty and the Supernatural!)

A surreal coming of age story, the play deals with the adolescence of Billy Wuthergloom, a boy who’s horrific journey through puberty pits him against malevolent spirits, a she-demon under his bed, an escaped reflection, and the dreaded threat of nocturnal emissions. His journey to adulthood is aided by his doomed best friend, Hirskill Fischmascher, a “wormy little boy who could see things that other people couldn’t.” As Billy battles his way through burgeoning sexuality, he must also face off with threatening visitations from the world of the ghoulish unknown!


"NNNN... Charming & chilling at the same time!" -Jon Kaplan, NOW Magazine.

"Woolfe is a delight... quirky, funny, unusual, & certainly worth a look!" - Robert Crew, Toronto Star.

Book & Lyrics by Eric Woolfe

Music By Marc Downing

Directed by Jason Charters


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