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Eldritch Theatre Presents


Grendelmaus is the story of a doomed love triangle between an over-educated office worker, a former circus entertainer, and an ancient, malevolent mouse. It is a romantic horror story, performed by two actors and a bevy of grotesque puppets. It draws its inspirations from the works of E.T.A Hoffman, Henry Fuseli, Gogol, silent German Horror films, H.P. Lovecraft, Carl Jung and a good measure of Kukla, Fran & Ollie tossed in. It explores how people are confined by the inability to free themselves from the patterns of their own history, and how they allow fear of happiness to sew the seeds of their own failure.

Directed by Michael Waller, and starring Mary Francis Moore and playwright, Eric Woolfe, Grendelmaus will be premiering at Toronto's Berkley Street theatre in June, 2002.

The combination of actors and puppets, was first explored in Eldritch Theatre’s  The Strange & Eerie Memoirs of Billy Wuthergloom, a play for solo actor and live musician, which was produced at Buddies in Bad Times in April 2000. Grendelmaus is designed to further explore the performance techniques embarked upon in Wuthergloom by utilizing more complex forms of puppetry and an additional actor/puppeteer.

Grendelmaus is produced with the generous assistance of the Laidlaw Foundation for the Arts, The Toronto Arts Council, and the Ontario Arts Council.


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